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What is SCOR?

The Steering Committee on Reciprocity (SCOR) is a cross industry forum made up of representatives from credit industry trade associations, credit industry bodies and credit reference agencies.

Please be advised that the SCOR will be undergoing a transition following the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) ongoing Credit Information Market Study (CIMS). As part of this work, a new Credit Reporting Governance Body (CRGB) is being established which will oversee how credit data is collected and shared in the future. The FCA will be coordinating the setting-up of the CRGB with the assistance of an Interim Working Group, which includes both industry and consumer representatives. SCOR will continue in place until the CRGB is fully established and we will keep you informed about any significant updates through our website or other official communication channels. Thank you.

What is SCOR and what does it do?

SCOR is a cross industry forum made up of representatives from the credit industry

Who is represented on SCOR?

SCOR representatives are nominated by individual trade associations and industry bodies from amongst their member organisations, and by each credit reference agency

What are the Principles of Reciprocity?

The Principles of Reciprocity are a set of guidelines governing the sharing of personal credit performance data

Key Documents and Useful Links

The Principles document contains a wide-ranging Q&A section. You can also approach your trade association or industry body about SCOR

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