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What is SCOR and what does it do?

SCOR is a cross industry forum made up of representatives from credit industry trade associations, credit industry bodies and credit reference agencies.

It is responsible for the administration and development of the data sharing rules known as the Principles of Reciprocity.

SCOR operates on behalf of the trade associations and industry bodies that it represents and can only make recommendations on matters concerning the Principles of Reciprocity to those organisations; it has no powers of its own.

Each trade association and industry body will have internal procedures for debating and agreeing their position on proposals from SCOR.

Issues referred to SCOR may arise from a request by a trade association, industry body, a member, or a credit reference agency. They may also arise because of legislative changes that affect the Principles. Detail on how SCOR operates is contained in the Principles of Reciprocity document under Rules for the Operation of SCOR and Q&A sections.

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